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Joining this Rainbow Prayer and Praise Tour means participating in a journey full of love, hope and joy. We will visit a variety of Korean hotspots that show the beauty of this nation and its people. You will also enjoy fellowship with brothers and sisters from all over the world that share your faith and values.

By singing and praying we will bless the people of North Korea and bring love, hope and joy in different places and areas. Yes, North Korea is much different from any other place that you ever visited. To the world it is a closed country but we are and will feel very welcome, so no worries about security. We will travel with North Korean guides that take pleasure in hosting us.

If you want to experience God’s deep love for North Korea and fellowship with many believers from around the world, this is a unique opportunity for you.

Please note: the date of the tour has been changed to:
September 2018 the 15th till the 24th.

For more information, please see our Online Brochure.

Tour Information September 2015
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Tour information

Please note: the date of the tour has been changed to:
September 2018 the 15th till the 24th.


Training in China
(September 15th and 16th)
We will start with a conference in Beijing, China to jointly prepare for our stay in North Korea. This training includes team-building, in-depth background information on the country, spiritual and security aspects, and how to behave among North Koreans. Key are great times of joint Bible reading, worship and prayer. This training is compulsory for all participants. On September 24th we will come back to Beijing and all return home.

Travel through DPRK
(September 17th till the 24th 2018) 
Join us on this unique prayer and praise tour and experience North Korea like never before. See the treasures of this seemingly forgotten land and be welcomed with open arms. Building relationships with the beautiful people of this nation is one of the most important aspects of the journey. Friendly and knowledgable guides will present you with a wealth of information and insight into the daily lives of the people in this nation. Connect with the people as we will plant trees in the Rainbow Forest, play sports and enjoy a dinner together. While we travel through this country and visit the most beautiful places, we will praise and pray together for the people and the nation.

For more information, please see our Online Brochure.

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About Us

The name Rainbow carries deep significance: it is a promise of hope. All rainbow stripes reflect their own specific lights in different shades, and yet together they join into one unified, beautiful arc in the sky. As such, the rainbow represents also love, friendship, redemption, and unity.

With Rainbow Travel Tours we want to promote these same values. Through the universal language of music, we aim to connect people across cultures. Moreover, our rainbow logo highlights a dove, the symbol of peace. We believe that as we come together in peace, honouring our differences and valuing everyone, that nothing is impossible!

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We are more than happy to help you with any questions regarding the Prayer and Praise Tour. We would be honored if you want to participate and help serve, bless and encourage the people of North Korea. If you want more information or are interested in a future trip, please contact us using the form below.

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